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I'm thinking of randomly picking one male work contact and one personal contact and 'accidentally' emailing them a nude picture and then immediately sending another email with a title asking them not to look and delete it. So they could...

1. Delete both emails
2. Look at the pic but claim to have deleted it
3. Look at the pic and reply back saying so

What do you think? What would you do if you got my emails?
OK they are now sent . The first is simply titled 'As requested...' and is a picture of me, face in full view on a bed legs wide apart, red excited cunt showing, playing with my tits. The second is titled "Please! Please! I've made mistake delete my previous email without opening'

They've gone to Mr P an IT support person from work and Mr T, our local electrician, who lives less than 1 mile away
This is what they will see if they choose to open the email (obviously the one I sent didn't have my face cropped off)... taken almost nine years ago but instantly recognisable as me (and in reality I haven't changed much)..... now going into fear and regret looking at this and realising what I've done, even if I am still excitedIMG_0708.jpg
So sexy!!!